Autonomous AI apps

AI application studio for Autonomous AI app development. Giving AI the ability to help humans not only by advising but also by executing strategies and supervising other machines

Autonomous AI media

Prompt-less AI app that lets you build and run any media channel on the internet

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Autonomous AI salesman

Prompt-less AI app that lets you build your behavioral clone and use it as your assistant

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Autonomous Ai devices

Prompt-less AI that lets you use a set of IoT/Electronics sensors to build smart devices

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Autonmous AI apps?

Using a prompt-less strategy, we're building a new type of autonomous AI application. We're using a new AI-modeling to allow AI to advise, execute, and supervise things.

This way, you can build new assistants that do things you want them to do. We use the XDG.AI modeling engine with the chat-base system to tell AI what to do and let it do it. We're on the way to building ultimate assistance in anything you imagine.